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1.      Definitions of terms

The vendor (manufacturer) is the company Omnisoft d.o.o. from Belgrade, 129 Vojvode Stepe street, CID: 106990529. The vendor concludes the License Agreement with the customer in its own name and for its own account.

The customer is a legal entity or a person that, based on its order for the software package, received a proforma invoice from the vendor, paid the proforma invoice, and then received parameters for accessing the web application and Android mobile application from the vendor.

The software package includes the Quick Inventory computer program, which consists of a web application and an Android mobile application.

Written instructions are instructions that explain how to use the software package. Only the written instructions are relevant for the definition of the error. Written instructions are available to the customer on the vendor’s website.

Intellectual property rights are all copyright and related other rights, including the sui generis right of the creator of databases, as regulated by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, as well as all other intellectual property rights, especially industrial property rights, that are regulated by valid laws in the field of industrial property of the Republic of Serbia, as well as other rights similar to intellectual property rights, which are the subject of the License Agreement or other agreement concluded between the vendor and the customer.

The License Agreement includes this License Agreement for the use of the software package as well as the additional rights of the customer related to the software package and it determines the terms of use of the software package. The license agreement is concluded by the vendor and the customer.

Additional contracts are contracts concluded by the vendor and the customer that are related to the program package, such as Service Agreements.

A workstation is a personal computer or a mobile device with similar functionality, used for accessing the software package and/or data of the Client processed by the software package Quick Inventory.

A end-user is a person who can access or use the software package using a workstation.

The customer sends the purchase order to the vendor via the vendor’s website or in some other way and expresses the will to conclude a license agreement for the desired variant of the software package, as well as for the conclusion of any additional agreements, and defines in the order the number of users who are allowed to use the software package.

The proforma invoice based on the purchase order is issued to the customer by the vendor. The variant of the program package, the price, the validity period of the license, the number of users who are allowed to use the program package are specified in the proforma invoice. The proforma invoice also defines the dynamics of payment of the purchase price and/or the possible price of additional contracts, for example, the number of installments in a certain period of time. The proforma invoice also contains a reference to the web page where this License Agreement is published. The part of the proforma invoice, where the variant of the software package, the purchase price, the license validity period and the number of users who are allowed to use the program package and the payment dynamics are specified, becomes part of the License Agreement.

The activation date is the date when the software package was activated. By accessing either the web or Android mobile application Quick Inventory using the parameters provided by the vendor, the customer accepts the provisions of the License Agreement.

The license validity date is the date until which registered users can use the software package.

An error is the operation or content of the software package that is contrary to the specifications and purpose as described in the written instructions. Reporting an error means entering a description of the error by the customer via the web address https://brzipopis.rs/support/ which is sent to the support provider.